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Table 1. Implementation Schedule
# Recovery Measures Priority[3] Threats or concerns addressed Schedule
General strategy: Conservation of the species, its suitable habitat as well as the adjacent riparian zone
Approach: Apply legal and stewardship measures within the occurrences as well as in the adjacent shoreline in order to reduce the effects of the main threats
1 Continue efforts to acquire, provide legal protection for and/or reach conservation agreements on priority occurrences and adjacent areas High All except
2 Eliminate practices inconsistent with maintaining the species and its habitat High All except
3 Take into account the presence of the species and its suitable habitat when conducting environmental assessments of projects (including repairing retaining walls), or before adopting mitigation or compensatory measures High All except
4 Assess the forests adjacent to priority occurrences in order to conserve them as buffer zones for shoreline conservation Medium 1, 9 2014-2019
5 Assess the quality indices of riparian strips for all priority occurrences to target priority intervention sites Medium 12 2014-2019
6 Improve mapping and signage (e.g., placards) at occurrences with conservation/protection status Medium 2, 4 2014-2019
Approach: Maintain or implement management approaches aiming at increasing the abundance of the species and the area of occupancy of its suitable habitat
7 Determine whether the 14 priority occurrences can be managed to make them sufficiently productive to maintain or increase the species’ overall population and area of occupancy Medium 12 2014-2019
8 Explore approaches for increasing populations Medium 12 2014-2019
9 Restore habitat where technically feasible Low All except 6 2014-2019
General strategy: Surveys and monitoring
Approach: Establish a monitoring program for this species with highly fluctuating local populations
10 Develop a quick method for estimating the number of individuals in an occurrence High 12 2014
11 Determine how often surveys have to be conducted to understand the population dynamics of the species (interannual variations in abundance, trends and hardiness) Medium 12 2014
12 Expand the monitoring of occurrences initiated in 2008 to other occurrences Medium 12 2014-2019
13 Clarify the status of the population in Boischatel Medium 12 2014
14 Regularly check whether the species is present or absent in suitable habitat that is not currently colonized Low 12 2014-2019
General strategy: Research
Approach: Clarify certain demographic parameters of Victorin’s Gentian (vitality, viability of occurrences and threat responses)
15 Develop and implement a research program to provide a better understanding of the impact of major threats to the survival of the species Medium All 2014-2019
16 Determine the minimum size for a viable population Medium 12 2014–2015
17 Determine whether the species is a seed bank and, if so, determine its longevity Medium 12 2014-2019
General strategy: Communication and outreach
Approach: Develop and implement a communications strategy with partner organizations, special interest groups, landowners and the general public
18 Encourage exchanges between stakeholders (scientists, recovery groups and implementation groups, NGOs, levels of government, the general public, and private landowners) through yearly meetings, presentations to partners, information sessions for citizens, etc. High All 2014-2019
19 Encourage support from the general public and land-management decision-makers (municipalities, regional county municipalities (RCMs), regional conferences of elected officials, etc.) through various initiatives such as conducting project pre-feasibility studies and focusing on promoting compliance with laws, regulations and policies High All 2014-2019
20 Continue outreach to shoreline property owners using tools such as brochures, non-technical articles, websites, conservation maps, shoreline quality indices, landowners’ notebooks, annual information sessions, etc. Medium All 2014-2019

Threats and limiting factors: 1) shoreline filling and infrastructure development; 2) human trampling; 3) invasive plants; 4) mowing and flower picking; 5) overabundant animal populations; 6) changes in salinity due to climate change; 7) ice scour; 8) pollution; 9) erosion; 10) oil spills; 11) accumulation of debris on the shoreline; and 12) gaps in knowledge.

3 “Priority” reflects the extent to which the action contributes directly to recovery of the species or is an essential precursor to an action that contributes to the recovery of the species.

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