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Table 2. Description of research surveys used in this report to determine Northern Wolffish abundance trends.
Survey NAFO Division Year Gear
Fisheries and Oceans Canada research trawl surveys
Summer surveys (Maritimes) 4V, 4W and 4X 1970–1981 Yankee 36 trawl
1982 to present Western IIA trawl
Northern Gulf surveys 4RS and deep areas of 4T 1990–2003 URI 81’/114’ trawl
2004 to date Campelen trawl
Southern Gulf surveys 4T 1971–1985 Yankee trawl
1986 to present Western IIA trawl
Spring surveys
(Newfoundland & Labrador)
3N, 3O, 3Ps and 3L 1971–1982 Yankee 41.5 trawl
1983–1995 Engel trawl
1996 to present Campelen trawl
Fall surveys
(Newfoundland & Labrador)
2G, 2H, 3N, 3O, 3K and 3L 1977–1994 Engel trawl
1995 to present Campelen trawl

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