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Action Plan for the Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus aleuticus, Cultus Population) in Canada

Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus aleuticus-Cultus Population) is a small Canadian endemic freshwater fish found only in Cultus Lake and is listed as Threatened on Schedule 1 of SARA.  Cultus Lake is located in the lower mainland region of southwestern British Columbia which is an area undergoing sustained and rapid urbanization.  The Cultus Pygmy Sculpin shares many physical features of the Coastrange Sculpin (Cottus aleuticus) and of sculpins in general, but there are also important differences in morphology and ecology, most importantly small body size, retention of larval features, and a limnetic existence.  Abundance of the Cultus Pygmy Sculpin is unknown with the 2007 Recovery Strategy for Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (Cottus sp.) in Canada noting there may be a slight downward trend in abundance based on limited incidental catch data from Sockeye Salmon trawls (National Recovery Team Cultus Pygmy Sculpin (NRTCPS) 2007) Cultus Lake is heavily used by recreationists and drains into the lower Fraser River area where many invasive species are well established.  The species is vulnerable to habitat quality decline and invasive species establishing in the lake.

Consultation period: 2016-08-18 to 2016-10-17


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