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Action plan for the North Atlantic Right Whale (Eubalaena glacialis) in Canada: Fishery Interactions

The North Atlantic Right Whale (hereafter “Right Whale”) is a large migratory whale whose known range extends from coastal waters of Florida to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Historically, whaling reduced the population from its natural levels and while the population has shown some growth in recent years, the estimated number of individuals remains close to 500. The action plan is meant to contribute to the recovery goal for the Right Whale, as set out in the recovery strategy:"To achieve an increasing trend in population abundance over three generations”.  The Right Whale was assessed as endangered by COSEWIC in 1980, and it was last reassessed as endangered in 2003. The species was added to Schedule 1 of SARA when that legislation came into force.

Consultation period: 2016-08-18 to 2016-10-17


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