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COSEWIC Report on the Eligibility for the Aurora Trout Salvelinus fontinalis timagamiensis in Canada - 2011

The Aurora Trout is a variant of the Brook Trout distinguishable from the latter in terms of skin colouration: (1) adult Aurora Trout lack the yellow spots and worm-like markings (vermiculations) that typically occur on the dorsal surface of other Brook Trout; and (2) the numerous red spots surrounded by blue halos characteristically found on the sides of Brook Trout are greatly reduced in number or are absent on Aurora Trout. The Aurora Trout has a high public profile as an endangered species, and as an icon for the biological damage caused by acid rain. It also serves as a positive example of habitat rehabilitation and biological restoration, because, despite its original extirpation in the wild, severe population bottleneck, and generations of captive breeding, it has been successfully re-established in both of the lakes to which it was native. Recent information from genetic and breeding studies, however, indicates that the Aurora Trout does not satisfy the discreteness and significance criteria that would justify its recognition as a designatable unit within Brook Trout.


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