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COSEWIC Assessment Summary and Status Report: Darkblotched Rockfish Sebastes crameri

Assessment Summary – November 2009

Common name
Darkblotched Rockfish

Scientific name
Sebastes crameri

Special Concern

Reason for designation
This long-lived species (maximum age 100 years; generation length 23 years) demonstrates episodic recruitment events. The species is taken at relatively low levels in fisheries targeting more abundant rockfishes. Research surveys show no clear abundance trends, although information on abundance trends has relatively high uncertainty. In adjacent US waters, the species declined 84% from 1928 to 1999 and is considered overfished, although there has been some recent population recovery. Recent surveys do not account for population declines from foreign fishing prior to the 1970s.

Pacific Ocean

Status history
Designated Special Concern in November 2009.


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