Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for the Dromedary Jumping-slug (Hemphillia dromedarius) in Canada

Dromedary Jumping-slug, Hemphillia dromedarius, is an old-growth coniferous forest-dwelling slug endemic to southern British Columbia (B.C.) and western Washington, with unconfirmed records in northern Oregon. The species exists at the northernmost limits of its range in south western B.C. with a known Canadian range extent of approximately 4000 km2confined to southern Vancouver Island. The species was located and confirmed in Canada in 1999. As of 2008, 15 locations have been defined for Dromedary Jumping-slug, with eight of these locations in protected areas. Additional undocumented localities likely exist, although the range extent is not likely to expand significantly. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) designated Dromedary Jumping-slug as Threatened in 2003, due to the fragmentation of its coniferous forest habitats and threats to the remaining habitats, mainly from forestry activities.

Consultation period: 2017-01-31 to 2017-04-01


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