Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for the Atlantic Mud-piddock (Barnea truncata) in Canada

The Atlantic Mud-piddock is an intertidal bivalve mollusc. In Canada, this species is distributed in the Minas Basin, within the inner Bay of Fundy. The Atlantic Mud-piddock has a planktonic larval phase followed by an adult form that burrows into the red mudstone substrate present in the Minas Basin. The Atlantic Mud-piddock becomes entrapped in its burrow as it grows, and it remains there for its lifetime. Also referred to as “fallen angelwing”, the Atlantic Mud-piddock possesses a thin, delicate, ridged shell that is greyish-white in colour and 3 to 5 cm long. There are no visible differences between males and females.

Consultation period: 2022-08-03 to 2022-10-02


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