Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) (Great Lakes Population) in Canada

The Great Lakes population of the Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum), until 2008, was considered to belong to one of six subspecies of Tiger Salamanders, the Eastern Tiger Salamander (A. t. tigrinum). This recovery strategy will follow this taxonomic arrangement. One of the largest terrestrial salamanders in the world, adults average 18 to 21 cm in total length. They have yellow spots, blotches, or vertical streaks marking a dark brown, green or black back, and an olive-yellow belly with pale, yellow blotching. Clusters of pigmented eggs hatch in a month, developing into silvery gray larvae, 9 to 17 mm in total length. Metamorphosis may take two to five months, with sexual maturity reached in two to five years.

Consultation period: 2009-01-23 to 2009-03-24


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Ms. Vicki McKay
Species at Risk Recovery Specialist
Parks Canada Agency, Point Pelee National Park of Canada
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