Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for the Dense Spike-primrose (Epilobium densiflorum) in Canada

Dense Spike-primrose (Epilobium densiflorum) is listed as Endangered under Canada's Species at Risk Act (SARA). Dense Spike-primrose is an annual herb, which measures 15-100 cm in height with a hairy stem and small white to rose-purple flowers. It is restricted to western North America: from southern British Columbia to southern California east to Utah and Idaho. The species is listed as globally secure. Within its range, it is restricted to ephemerally wet areas associated with Garry Oak ecosystems.

There are historical records for 20 occurrences over a 2,000 km² range in Canada, but Dense Spike-primrose has been reduced to four extant occurrences over a 900 km² range. The entire Canadian population (all four occurrences) occupies a total of 10 ha and consists of approximately 102,120 plants.

Consultation period: 2012-12-20 to 2013-02-18


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