Recovery Strategies

Recovery strategy for the Pugnose Shiner (Notropis anogenus) in Canada

The Pugnose Shiner is a small minnow that is distinguished from similar species by its tiny, upturned, mouth and black stomach cavity lining. Colouration is mostly silver with yellow and olive tints above the lateral black band where scales are heavily outlined. Male Pugnose Shiner can reach total lengths (TL) of 50 mm, while females can reach up to 60 mm TL. This species is found in highly-vegetated, clear, slow-moving water, and its distribution and recovery potential is believed to be limited by the distribution and abundance of these habitat types. The Pugnose Shiner is considered globally rare to uncommon (G3), and was designated as Endangered in Canada in November 2002 by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Status at state levels varies from extirpated (SX – Ohio) to vulnerable (S3 in Michigan and Minnesota).

The first version of this recovery strategy was originally posted in 2013. The current version posted here has been amended, as per Section 45 of the Act, from the first version, to make a minor correction to the map identifying critical habitat in the Little Bear Creek.

Consultation period: 2012-06-01 to 2012-07-31


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