Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for Gravel Chub (Erimystax x-punctatus) in Canada

The gravel chub (Erimystax x-punctatus) was last found in Canada in the Thames River drainage, Ontario, in 1958. The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) designated this species as Endangered in 1985, and re-assessed it as Extirpated in 1987. This status was re-examined based on an existing status report and confirmed in 2000. The recovery of the gravel chub has been determined to be technically and biologically feasible.

The gravel chub is a slender, round-bodied minnow with an average length of 76 mm TL and a maximum length of approximately 100 mm TL. It is olive-green dorsally with silvery sides and a white belly. The scale margins on the back and sides of the gravel chub are randomly outlined in black resulting in distinct X-, Y- or W-shaped patterns. A small black spot is usually predominant on the base of the caudal fin. The snout is rounded and long, overhanging the mouth, which has small but conspicuous barbels in each corner.

Consultation period: 2007-07-24 to 2007-09-22


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