Recovery Strategies

Recovery Strategy for the Five-lined Skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) – Carolinian Population in Canada

The Minister of the Environment and the Minister responsible for the Parks Canada Agency are the competent ministers for the recovery of the Five-lined Skink – Carolinian Population and have prepared the federal component of this recovery strategy (Part 1), as per section 37 of SARA. It has been prepared with the cooperation of the Province of Ontario. SARA section 44 allows the Minister to adopt all or part of an existing plan for the species if it meets the requirements under SARA for content (sub-sections 41(1) or (2)). The Province of Ontario led the development of the attached recovery strategy for the species (Part 2) in cooperation with Environment Canada and the Parks Canada Agency. The Province of Ontario also led the development of the attached Government Response Statement (Part 3), which is the Ontario Government’s policy response to its provincial recovery strategy and summarizes the prioritized actions that the Ontario government intends to take.

Consultation period: 2014-05-05 to 2014-07-04


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