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Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain population (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Canada - 2014 [Final]

1. COSEWIC Species Assessment Information

Date of Assessment: May 2002

Common Name (population): Woodland Caribou (Southern Mountain population)

Scientific Name: Rangifer tarandus caribou

COSEWIC Status: Threatened

Reason for Designation: Local herds in the Southern Mountain population are generally small, increasingly isolated, and subject to multiple developments. Their range has shrunk by up to 40% and 13 of 19 herds are declining. The most southerly herds are likely to disappear. Many herds are threatened by decreasing habitat quantity and quality, harassment, and predation.

Canadian Occurrence: British Columbia (BC) and Alberta

COSEWIC Status History: The Southern Mountain population was designated threatened in May 2000. This population was formerly designated as part of the "Western population"(now de-activated). Status was re-examined and confirmed in May 2002.

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