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Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou, Southern Mountain population (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Canada - 2014 [Final]


Environment Canada and the Parks Canada Agency would like to express their gratitude to the Aboriginal people who shared their knowledge about southern mountain caribou in support of the recovery of this species. Aboriginal people consistently indicated that conservation of southern mountain caribou is essential, as this species is integral to the culture, identity, and survival of their communities. Environment Canada appreciates the input of those Aboriginal groups and individuals who shared their knowledge and experiences to help inform this recovery strategy. Knowledge was shared by Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge holders and Aboriginal communities on southern mountain caribou life history, habitat use, population status, threats and conservation measures, and this information has been integrated, to the extent possible, into the development of this recovery strategy.

Numerous stakeholders, resource users, and members of the public also contributed their knowledge and expertise to the development of this recovery strategy. The opinions expressed on southern mountain caribou and their recovery are very much appreciated.

Darcy Peel and Stephen Hureau of Environment Canada led the preparation of the recovery strategy with contracted assistance from Deborah Cichowski, Glenn Sutherland and Scott McNay. A document of this nature requires the dedication and commitment of many organizations and individuals. Advice and information used to prepare the recovery strategy was obtained from staff of the Parks Canada Agency, the Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, and Environment Canada, in addition to input from various experts on caribou. The following people are acknowledged for their valuable contributions to the development of, and consultation on, this document: Lucy Reiss, Greg Ferguson, Sean Butler, Undiné Thompson, Victoria Snable, Greg Wilson and Diane Casimir.

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