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The Public Registry is your source for news, information, and documents related to species at risk in Canada. This web site has been designed to help you better understand Canada's approach to protecting and recovering species at risk, learn about species at risk and what's being done to help them, and get involved in decision making and recovery activities.

The Public Registry fulfills the requirement under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) for the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to establish a public registry for the purpose of facilitating access to SARA-related documents.

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Species Profile

Tiger Salamander

Tiger Salamander. © U.S. FIsh and Wildlife Service
Photo © Michael Redmer

Full description of Tiger Salamander

American Badger jacksoni subspecies

American Badger jacksoni subspecies. © Michael Redmer
Photo © Tim McAllister

Full description of American Badger

Cryptic Paw Lichen

Cryptic Paw Licehn photo © Stephen Sharnoff
Photo © Stephen Sharnoff

Full description of Cryptic Paw Lichen

Swift Fox

Swift Fox. © Lu Carbyn
Photo © Lu Carbyn

Full description of Swift Fox

Spotted Wolffish

Spotted Wolffish. © Erling Svensen
Photo © Erling Svensen

Full description of Spotted Wolffish

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