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Response Statement - Sable Island Sweat Bee

This species is globally endemic to Sable Island, Nova Scotia, and occurs as one isolated population with a very small range and no possibility of rescue.  The island has only about 13 km2 of vegetated area that provides forage/nesting sites for this bee.  Nesting likely occurs near or within this vegetated area and sweat bees are not known to travel large distances (i.e. > 200 m) for forage. Increased frequency and severity of storms, in addition to climate change and related sea level rise, are expected to drive change which will further decrease the quality and quantity of bee habitat on the island. Eco-tourism is also a potential future threat, which may also increase the introduction and spread of invasive species. Habitat on the island is also susceptible to invasive plant species, introduced horses, and seawater flooding. 

Consultation period: 2015-12-23 to 2016-05-04


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