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COSEWIC Assessment and Status Report on the Vole Ears Erioderma mollissimum in Canada

Erioderma mollissimum is a foliose macrolichen with a felty, grey-brown upper surface. When wetted, it turns grey-green. The thallus is up to 12 cm broad and is comprised of radiating, loosely attached lobes to 1 cm in width. The lower surface lacks a cortex (outer protective layer), and except near the pale, bare margins is densely hairy and light-brown. Granular, bluish soredia (asexual propagules) are produced along the lobe margins and may also form in tiny patches on the upper surface of older lobes. The photosynthetic component of this lichen has been identified as Scytonema, a cyanobacterium that is rare in lichens occurring north of subtropical regions.


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