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COSEWIC assessment and status report on the Dense Spike-primrose (Epilobium densiflorum) in Canada

Acknowledgements and Authorities Contacted


The writers would like to acknowledge the generous assistance provided by Jenifer Penny and Marta Donovan (B.C. Conservation Data Centre), Ksenja Vujnovic and Joyce Gould (Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre), Florence Caplow (Washington Natural Heritage Program), Mike Shchepanek (Canadian Museum of Nature) and Nancy Turner (University of Victoria).

Funding for the preparation of this status report was provided by the Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team and the BC Conservation Data Centre.

Authorities contacted

  • Douglas, W. George. Program Botanist. B.C. Conservation Data Centre, B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks. Victoria, B.C.
  • Fraser, Dave. Species at Risk Specialist. BC Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection.
  • Gould, Joyce. Botanist, Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre.
  • Janszen, Harvey. Amateur botanist.
  • Lawrance, Rob. Planner. City of Nanaimo.
  • Polster, Dave. Plant Ecologist. Polster Environmental Services.
  • Shchepanek, Michael J. Chief Collection Manager, Botany Section. Collection Services, Canadian Museum of Nature.
  • Vujnovic, Ksenija. Botanist. Alberta Natural Heritage Information Centre.