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Management Plan for the Barren-ground Caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus), Dolphin and Union population, in Canada: Adoption of the Management Plan for the Dolphin and Union Caribou (Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus x pearyi) in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut [Proposed] - 2017

Species at Risk Act
Management Plan Series

Adopted under Section 69 of SARA

Barren-ground Caribou, Dolphin and Union population

Photo of Dolphin and Union Caribou
Photo: © Kim Poole

Part 1 - Table of contents

Part 2 - Table of contents

List of figures

  • Figure 1. Management planning process for Dolphin and Union Caribou.
  • Figure 2. Caribou range map in Canada, broken down into designatable units (COSEWIC, 2011).
  • Figure 3. Dolphin and Union Caribou near High Lake, west of Bathurst Inlet, April 2008. Photo by K. Poole, used with permission.
  • Figure 4. Notable place names and the current range of Dolphin and Union Caribou (NWT Environment and Natural Resources, range data developed for Species at Risk program 2016).
  • Figure 5. Distribution of calving locations from collared caribou. Data from 1987-89 (green dots; Gunn and Fournier 2000), 1994-97 (orange triangles; Nishi 2000), 1994-97 (red stars; Nishi 2000), 1999-2006 (purple diamonds; Poole et al. 2010) and 2003-06 (yellow squares; Poole et al. 2010). Figure modified from SARC 2013, by B. Fournier, GNWT-ENR 2016.
  • Figure 6. Dolphin and Union Caribou fall migration between Victoria Island and the mainland (modified from Poole et al. 2010, by B. Fournier, GNWT-ENR 2016).
  • Figure 7. Population Estimates from 1994 to 2015.
  • Figure 8. Approximate distribution of wintering Dolphin and Union Caribou during the late 1980s (pink line), and the mid-1990s to mid-2000s (gold line), based on radio-collared caribou. Data from Poole et al. (2010); figure reproduced from the SARC (2013) by B. Fournier, GNWT-ENR 2016.
  • Figure 9. Dolphin and Union Caribou cycles: Determining the location of the Dolphin and Union Caribou population within its cycle.

List of tables

  • Table 1. Summary of status designations.
  • Table 2. Summary of observations on the population and distribution of Dolphin and Union Caribou, from  TK, communities, and science up to 1990.
  • Table 3. Threat calculator assessment
  • Table 4. Management objectives
  • Table 5. Approaches to management of the Dolphin and Union Caribou.
Table of contents