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COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Streambank Lupine (Lupinus rivularis) in Canada


We would like to thank Frank Lomer for providing extensive information on the Lupinus rivularis sites and populations in the lower Fraser Valley, and for accompanying us in the field, both to examine the known populations and to search for additional populations. We would also like to thank Mike Oldham for accompanying us in the field in early May, and Laurence Brown and Jeanine Lucas for field searches for additional lupine sites over the course of the summer.

Thanks also to Fred Ganders, who provided critical discussion on speciation, hybridization, and key characters in taxonomic work, while Teresa Sholars provided critical discussion on lupines, and on Lupinus rivularis in particular, based on her past and present work on the lupines of North America.

George Douglas and Marta Donovan of the British Columbia Conservation Data Centre provided available BCCDC records for Lupinus rivularis and L. littoralis in British Columbia. Adolph Ceska provided critical information on the Sooke station, and collected additional lupine specimens for examination. Dave Fraser (BC Ministry of Environment and Parks) provided critical information on Lupinus arboreus plantings on Vancouver Island.

Thanks also to Nick Page for kindly keeping an eye out for lupines during his fieldwork throughout the summer, and providing collections of Lupinus littoralis; to Hugh Griffith for providing additional information on Lupinus littoralis in Richmond; to Ross Waddell of the British Columbia Native Plant Society for providing information on the cultivation of this species in BC.

We would also like to thank Fred Ganders and Helen Kennedy for providing continuing access to the UBC Herbarium, and for arranging loans of lupine specimens. Wilf Schofield provided critical discussions on delimitation of species. And, of course, thanks to Olivia Lee for continuous help and support.

Loans of lupine specimens were kindly provided by the following university herbaria: OSC, RBCM (V), WWB, WTU, WS, UBC, UC/JEPS

Funding was provided by Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada.