Explanatory Note Regarding Amendments to the Recovery Strategy and Action Plan for the Banff Springs Snail (Physella johnsoni) in Canada

November 2010

As of November 2010, the following minor amendments were made in the above noted Recovery Strategy and Action Plan:

  • Added “Species at Risk Act Recovery Strategy Series” header on cover page (English version only)
  • Removed the word (proposition) from the French title of the document that is provided within the introductory pages of the English version
  • Added ISBN and Catalogue no.
  • Added Declaration (standard introductory wording found in all SARA recovery strategies)
  • Corrected “its” to “it’s” in Section 1 – Background (English version only)
  • Added date to header and moved page numbers from bottom centre to bottom right from Section 2.5.2 onwards
  • Revised minor typographical discrepancies between the geographical coordinates presented in the map and in the map legend (Figs. 4b and 4h, in English and French versions)
  • Changed all maps (Figs. 4a-4j) so that commas instead of decimals are presented within geographical coordinates (French version only)
  • Replaced figure captions in French so that they read “habitat essential” rather than “habitat essential proposé” (Figs. 4a – 4j)
  • Made minor translation/spelling revisions to Figs. 4a-4j in (French version only, e.g., change “bâtiment” to “clôture”)
  • Based on changes to page numbering due to other amendments, revised page numbers in Table of Contents and Citation Recommendation