The Species at Risk Act and You

Information Note

This section of the Species at Risk Registry has been prepared for information purposes and convenience of reference only, and has no official sanction. It is not a substitute for the Species at Risk Act or any regulation under this Act. In the event of an inconsistency between the information included here and the Act or its regulations, the latter would prevail. Official or more detailed information can be found in the legal text of SARA.

All Canadians have a shared responsibility to protect species at risk and ensure healthy ecosystems for future generations.

The way in which the Species at Risk Act will affect you will vary depending on the activities in which you or your organization are involved and the species at risk that may be affected by these activities.

For general information on how SARA may affect you, please see the SARA and You guide, which provides an overview of how species are listed, what is prohibited under SARA, where and when those prohibitions apply and how you can learn more.

Otherwise, for more specific information, you can also select the option below that best defines your particular situation: